Hi. I'm Mrs. Squirrel and this is my blog.




Hi. I'm Mrs. Squirrel and this is my blog. You can also call me Stacy. Squirrel is not, I repeat, not my real last name. The story of the Hollow Squirrel goes back years. I'll get to telling it again soon. But don't hold your breath. If you comb through my archives (because you have nothing better to do, right?), you'll find the story...the legend...the lore.

Mr. Squirrel and I have been married six years and consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have two loving and lovable little boys. You won't find pictures of my husband on this blog, because I want to retain some privacy. You won't find out much about him other than that he's fantastically supportive, generous, thoughtful and prone to driving me nuts by not bringing the stuff that's sitting on the stairs UPSTAIRS because that's why it was put there. Do you think new shampoo bottles and your contact lens solution go there? No. I want it upstairs. Bring it. Please.

My boys, though? ooooh you'll learn to love them. Jojo and The Nugget tend to make it to the page fairly often and for good reason: they're funny, sweet, frustrating and adorable - perfect blog fodder.