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The Bed That Satan Built

I’m back. Happy September! August tore me a new one with its traveling and playdates and hotness and everything — I think this was my least blogged month ever. But we’re back from our long trip to the Say Yes! State. For the most part, it was awesome, but then again, I did have to sleep five nights on the aforementioned Bed That Satan Built (and then sold to Ethan Allen to then sell to my mo ... continue reading

Things That Make Ya Go "WTF?"

We moved our offices. We were suppose to have the move completed well before I returned from maternity leave; however, no matter that I extended my leave an additional two months, the move went down the week after I returned to my part-time gig. Getting out of the move? It wasn’t to be. Thankfully, the poor woman who got stuck doing my job (in addition to hers! twice the fun! one low salary!) pa ... continue reading

The Mother of All Holidays

Since Mother’s Day celebrates moms and those who help support and love us in motherly ways, I’m opening the contest to only those people who are or have mothers. That should exclude…um… no one! Yay inclusiveness! Also, entrants should be willing to provide their address for awesome prize deliverability. Our first contest centers on Grandma Squirrel trivia…that’s my own mom, folks — m ... continue reading