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Some Simple Math

I’ve owned the same bras for decades, and I’ve worn most of them once or twice. Before I became pregnant with Jojo, I rotated between a few boring bras — nothing sexy or colorful. Then I became pregnant and had to buy some pregnancy/nursing bras, which I wore for another year or so. When I finally finished nursing Jojo, I slipped back into the few boring bras, but I remember seeing the others at the bottom of my bra drawer and thinking, ‘well, just in case.’ Just in case of WHAT? I haven’t a clue, but what does one do with bras in great condition that one wants to get rid of– is that something that’s ok to donate? I have an aversion to throwing out things that are perfectly fine. I’m dropping stuff off at charities or those drop boxes in parking lots weekly.

After finishing the marathon nursing YEARS with Nugget, I’ve found that I wear the same two bras off and on for… well, months now. They don’t fit for shit. I could probably sew a better fitting bra than what I’ve been wearing. I was constantly tugging up the falling straps, and they didn’t offer support. I was a droopy, sloppy mess.

FINALLY, I did something about it, told my husband I had to run to the mall, and hit Macy’s during one of their big One Day Sales (oops) to get measured and find some new bras.

Luckily, a kind saleswoman saw my look of fear from drowning in the satiny nude sea of bosomwear and scurried me into a fitting room. With one dismissive wave, she announced I, like 8 out of 10 women, was wearing the wrong size. I knew that, but why had I waited so long? The bra was a WRECK. It’s been tossed (and it’s doppleganger). Three in total were outright thrown away (a huge step for me, but seriously, no one needs those travesties).

She found a perfect, reasonably priced bra on her first try, and I left with four in hand (and some serious savings thanks to their sale and additional couponage).

Let me just say, I have a lot more room in my bra drawer. I might need to move some unmentionables (yes, I do keep some things unmentioned) into there.

I started Saturday with 20 bras (not including sports bras). Mind you, I only really wore three of these when not hugely pregnant or nursing. I tossed those raggedy three and am going to try and donate seventeen others. 17.

I now own four awesome bras. That is all. I love them. Clearly, I’ll need a few more so I’m not handwashing my hands off (haha…I toss them in the wash…who am I trying to kid).

If you’re hating your bras, let me highly recommend having a stranger measure your boobies and scoring yourself some new bras.

I’m sure Keven loved this post. I realize I’m lame.