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The Mother of All Holidays

Since Mother’s Day celebrates moms and those who help support and love us in motherly ways, I’m opening the contest to only those people who are or have mothers. That should exclude…um… no one! Yay inclusiveness! Also, entrants should be willing to provide their address for awesome prize deliverability.

Our first contest centers on Grandma Squirrel trivia…that’s my own mom, folks — my own, personal favoritest mom in the world. Please leave your answers in the comments section. Contest closes tomorrow at noon, wherein the accounting firm of Me, Myself and I will select those entrants with the most correct answers, then toss their names in a hat and have one Mr. Jojo Squirrel pick a winner (should their be multiple possible winners!).

True or False:

1. Grandma Squirrel has a not-so-secret admirer, nicknamed Stevorino, who used to work with my parents.

2. Grandma Squirrel has never lost a tennis nor ping pong match to her daughter, Stacy Squirrel.

3. Grandma Squirrel thinks Celine Dion is da bomb.

4. Grandma Squirrel wants David Archuleta to win this season’s American Idol.

5. Grandma Squirrel used to host a public access tv program.

Good luck & mom, I love you long time.